Outdoor games

GPS Outdoor Game

We love outdoor GPS games. It is the reason we’ve created TerraHunt. Team games placed within historical centers of beautiful capitals or UNESCO cities capture every player’s attention.

GPS outdoor game is a very attractive solution for all kinds of events. With only 5 members of realization team and 30 tablets you can organize team building event even for 150 participants.

It is a truly bestseller product.

Virtual games

Virtual Game in comic-book style

Solution for on-line events. You can create games independent on location, based on ciphers, puzzles and quizzes. Then, you can organize team buildings or fun events for home-office employees, for virtual conferences and congresses.

You can use them in case of really bad weather or in Covid19 pandemic times as well.

Remote games

We love to organize full-service events (our devices, our games, our realization team, explanation of rules – everything face to face). However, there is another way how to organize an event.

You can organize remote event for your clients. In case of outdoor event participants would only install the public app on their devices and then they would scan a game QR code.

In case of virtual event you would send a game link via e-mail or some communication platform (Zoom, Meet…) during the on-line event. Participants would start to play directly in their web-browsers.

It is not necessary to be in person at the event. You can organize everything remotely.